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An Easy Way to Branch Out your Skills and Learn More


I believe the most important thing to do in life is to be happy. You can eat foods that make you happy, wear clothes that makes you happy, and learn things that makes you happy. So many people work dead end jobs and don’t truly enjoy themselves, and shouldn’t they strive to do something that will make them happy?




I’m not just talking about smaller things like eating what you enjoy, but more so learning new skills and hobbies that can make you happy. Not only will doing things that make yourself happy make you happier, but it can expand your mind to help enjoy even more things. This article is meant to help you learn new skills more easily AND enjoy them, but it will also hopefully help you find new careers and enjoy yourself in the long term.


I started with doing what I love


Eventually comes a day where we find an interest and we decide to explore it and take it on as a career. For me, this was music. How did I decide on music? How does anyone decide what they want to do for a career? For me, it just clicked and I fell in love with it. I learned a few songs on piano and then I started to create my own and added drums, guitar, bass, and vocals. Then later on I took interest in orchestral composition and video game music and film music and it just continuously branched out forever.


But how did it click? Why did it click?


Why did I love it?


It all clicked because of a combination of experiences that I learned from when I was young and it pushed my interest in a creative direction. Then I was introduced to a piano and it all carried forward. I will never know the true answer to what specifically those experiences were that made me want to pursue music, but I do know that it was out of my control. I was put in control as soon as I found it and began to explore the field.


Like I said, I found music, learned songs on piano, made my own songs, learned other instruments, found interest in orchestral music, and so forth. It all started at one focus point being playing piano, and then from that point I learned to write my own songs, and that gave me a few options and interests to learn other instruments, then I learned music theory, sound design, got a degree and a whole list of other things.


It’s all about the starting point


But do you see what happened? I started at one simple point. I just wanted to learn songs on piano. From that point it branched out into so many different things, and it’s not even strictly to music anymore. All of this branched out into interest in programming, art, animation, cinematography and so much more. It is an endless process of branching out and exploring new things.


A Combination of Skills Allowed me to Branch out


When I felt pretty good about the songs that I have learned on piano, I began to take interest in making songs on piano myself. The desire was created in me to learn these new things and I went out to do them. I felt it would make me happy, and although it took me some time to realize it, I was right. The original process of learning notes on the piano and dexterity to play the instrument while becoming a little bit familiar with certain patterns in the songs I learned, was a great building block to helping me learn composition more easily.


Learning becomes Easier as you Learn




Certain attributes to skills you learn can also be easily applied to other skills. It sounds like I can only branch out into other music related things and will be stuck in an endless cycle of learning sounds and music, but that isn’t true at all. I can easily make comparisons in sound and music to visual art.


For example: the colors in art are the frequency in music, and the general composition and layout in a painting is the song structure. And as a result, that has made learning art far easier for me. And I’m sure that the new things in art that I picked up can be easily applied to some new skill in the future.


You are Always Learning no Matter What


Everything and anything that you experience you are no doubt learning from at all times, and you are always branching out to some extent no matter what you do. But doing what makes you happy is very important because the more you learn, the easier it is to learn.


Obviously there are some things that we have to learn and do that are uncomfortable to us in life, and that is completely inevitable. Those things are still very important to learn and are very valuable to us. I still haven’t found anything that has clicked as well as music did it for me, and it’s likely I won’t ever find anything again. Even though branching out is important to do, what is even more important is to continue learning new things. Branching out is just a shortcut that could be available to you.



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