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Business Relations: How to get the Most out of Them

I have often felt that it is important to learn many different skills throughout life. However, unless you are taking it as a serious career path, I don’t necessarily think that you need to master multiple skills. I do feel it is necessary to become familiar with other fields that you work with, but that’s in order to work more harmoniously with others. I think it’s better to just work with other people who are masters in certain skills so you can get the best to work with and in the end, create a better final product. This article will be an explanation of what you can easily benefit from while working with other people.



So I’ve explained this in my Endlessly Combining Ideas to Progress the World article, but I’ll do a quick recap. The way that you learn and progress your happiness, career, and other aspects of life is done in a process of endlessly combining and applying new knowledge to your old ideas. Through experiences, learning, and other people you gain more knowledge to apply. I really like the concept of being the best that you can be and learning all that you can to make yourself more valuable to potential employers while also being able to bring new ideas to your company and even the world. If this sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to read the article.


For example I currently write music, I could go to school for architecture and now I’m an acoustician (someone who figures out the proper acoustics of a room. For example, to make the natural echoes as quiet and minimal as possible), then I learn programming and now I can recreate acoustic environments digitally (I’m not saying that I NEED to do all of this or it is all possible or I can do it easily, but you get the idea). This would be the ideal situation. But we don’t have time to learn all of these skills and like I said, we don’t need to master certain skills, but rather get help from others who are masters.


Working with Others can be Hard Work




I try to find a balance of working with others and with myself all of the time. I feel it’s important to learn to work with others because I am going to be doing it my whole life whether it’s with my future wife, kids, business partners or whoever. I usually prefer to just work on my own so that I have full control over the project that I am working on. I was stuck in this mindset for a while, and working with other people was not very enjoyable for me. I was starting to realize how important it was to work with others so I began to figure out the benefits of doing so.


Everyone has Something Unique to Offer


The first big one is that every single person in the world has unique experiences. So how does this help? Well, you can draw from their experiences and learn new things obviously. Going back to my example of becoming an acoustician, I’m sure that I could just learn a little bit of programming and architecture (or whatever else I might need to learn), and finish my project just fine with some help. And in addition to this, I can learn how they made their parts of the project.


Everyone has Something to Teach


If I am working with masters of their craft, there is no doubt that they have ideas and ways to look at things that I have never thought of before. I can become better in my other skills while hardly even trying. Most people who you work with are willing to help you learn and progress. I have worked with many people where I don’t know how certain things work, and they will guide me, teach me, or recommend books. I become better as a result, and I try to offer help to those help me and others who seek it (which is a big reason why I’m doing this blog!). It doesn’t always necessarily happen in a direct way either.


Every Experience can Teach you Something


Simply by doing this blog and working with Venrick, I have found many of his articles to be very useful and applicable to my own life. I haven’t really learned a lot from the business side of things from Venrick & Wells so far, but I have certainly learned quite a bit from the ideas and help that we have to offer. Which in my opinion can be even more valuable.




So obviously, there is the issue being the fact that not everyone works well together or with other people at all. Most of these people who don’t work well with other people don’t have a lot of experience working with others. Through experience and after some time, they will become better at working together with others. So that can also apply to you easily, if you don’t know how to work well with others then you just need some more time to practice it.


Even then, you might not like someone else’s ideas or beliefs and might not want to work with them which is totally fine (you still shouldn’t do it all yourself). The odds of finding people who you truly love working with is very difficult. But when you do find someone who you work well with, you can create an incredible relationship where you both grow and benefit more than ever. It could be right around the corner.



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