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Endlessly Combining Ideas to Progress the World

The day that we were born we knew nothing about the world. Our 5 senses; touching, smelling, tasting, hearing, and seeing are the only things that were given to us. Upon birth, we experience these senses and are able to understand the qualities of objects, people, and ideas to understand the laws of the world. We experience gravity, hear the voice of our mother, learn to walk, talk, eat, communicate, and overtime we develop ourselves to live harmoniously with others. However, we don’t realize that we are learning. Even as adults we learn each day without realizing it.




By obtaining knowledge from people, books, and experiences, we create a massive encyclopedia of information in our heads that we can use at any time. Each new piece of information that we learn can be applied to the already existing information in our heads, and the new information and existing information in our heads together can create new ideas and experiences to change the world. And what’s amazing is that the combined information creates a new idea that has never been done before. And as a result, our world has a never ending process of new ideas and information being constantly created.

New Ideas are Constantly being created

The amount of new ideas that are created each day is constantly increasing as time goes on because of this never ending rotation of people sharing, learning, and experiencing. Everyone who has experienced anything in the world has valuable information to give and share. People like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and other people who make crazy innovations to the world just had the right ideas to apply at the right time. Bill Gates and his confidence in himself combined with his love for technology and numerous other things allowed him to come up with incredible ideas and advance the world in some way.

To be Innovative Requires Luck

Obviously though, to be someone who makes innovations like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs takes a lot of luck. It could be argued that if Steve Jobs had never met Steve Wozniak he would not have been as successful as he was. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozinak both had traits that they drew from each other to help apply to Apple. The amount of success that they both had was greatly drawn from each other.

So What’s the Point then?

The odds of you meeting a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs type person is one in a million. The chances of you getting to be famous and make a difference in the world like they did is so slim. It’s not fair that I don’t know the right people to give me ideas to be remembered forever in history and make a ton of money for myself and all future generations! While I do think that is true, and it does suck that these guys are lucky enough to make these kind of innovations and have all of that fame and fortune and whatnot, I believe that contributions and progressions to the world can still be made by anyone. All of this is just on a much smaller scale and in an indirect light.

A Contribution is a Contribution, No Matter how Small




By learning and sharing ideas with each other, we are all able to make new things that have never been done before. For example, Venrick and I writing this blog might have some valuable information that helps someone progress to make something incredible. You don’t have to be into technology, programming, science or any of those things to be innovative or help others be innovative. There are some ideas that just make people happy and inspire them to move forward. Even Steve Jobs said that a calligraphy course he took helped him in the making of Apple. It is amazing the ways that people can make a contribution.

It’s not just about sharing ideas and learning though. So many innovations and discoveries are found from just one person. If you want to help progress the world, you must progress yourself. Sure, anyone who is famous and makes crazy innovations in the world learned from those who inspires them, but the drive and ambition to learn from those people is important too. I believe that there are millions of people in the world who have the same drive and personalities that Steve Jobs or Bill Gates do, it really just takes more luck than anything.

Keep on Moving Forward


So my mindset on this is to dream to achieve the same passion that these innovators have so that you too can learn and create new ideas of your own. And maybe, by some chance we can inspire or teach the right people to make a difference in the world. We can easily look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as heroes in our time, but the people who they drew ideas and knowledge from to be who they became are just as important.



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