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More Repetition = More Progress


Want to get better at something? Do more of it. It may not be easy, but it is very simple. The more you do of something, the more experience you get, the more lessons you learn, and the better you get.


Want to get better at talking to girls? Talk to more girls.


Want to get better at free throws? Practice more free throws.


Want to get better at lifting weights? Start lifting every day.


Want to get better in social situations? Put yourself in more of them.


Want to be happier? Smile more and act like you are happy.


Compress Years down into Weeks or even Days.



This concept may seem obvious and oversimplified, but it’s an important one to grasp.
Consider two basketball players who are trying to improve their free throws. The first player shoots 1 free throw a day for a year, so that’s 360 free throws in a year. (For the purposes of rounding out the numbers we will assume 30 day months * 12 months in a year = 360 Days). The second player shoots 360 free throws a day for a year to shoot 129,600 free throws in a year.


Again, this is extremely simplified, but just by looking at this, you can see that using the first player as a measuring stick, player 2 gets a year’s worth of practice in a single day, and 360 years worth of practice in 1 year. It doesn’t take a genius to see that player 2 will make significantly more progress and improvements in his free throw shooting simply by doing it more.


You can do the same thing in any area you want. If you are lifting weights, try doubling the amount of reps you are doing (be safe and don’t hurt yourself), and you will get what was formerly 1 year’s worth of experience in 6 months, and 2 year’s worth of experience in 1 year. Even doing 1 more rep in each set of lifting weights can add up to significantly more experience over the course of a year or a decade.


This is a short article, but it speaks volumes about how a true winner dedicates his resources and uses a concept as simple as increasing repetitions to compress time and drastically improve his skills in relatively short periods of time.


If you have something you want to get good or better at, start doing more repetitions, even if it’s just one more than you usually do and continue to build upon it. The progress you make in even a week may surprise you.



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