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How to be a Man of Action




All off the advice on Venrick & Wells is intended to help you reach your goals. Whether you are trying to get in better shape, learn a new language, make more money, or simply immerse yourself in the self-improvement attitude, we are about making progress and moving forward.


This means real progress. We talk a lot about setting goals, and they are extremely important. If you don’t have goals, you don’t have anything to work towards. But in this article I talk about how to be a man of action. This is important because there is so much information on Venrick & Wells that it may be a little overwhelming. I believe that every single article we post on Venrick & Wells can help you improve or reinforce productive habits in your life in some way or another. But nothing will ever improve unless you take action.


Apply What You Learn


When I was younger, I used to read a lot. I still do to this day, but there is a huge difference between the younger me and the new me: Action.


I am a big fan of both fiction and nonfiction, but for a stretch of about 6-8 years I read almost exclusively nonfiction. I love nonfiction because it’s all about sharing true experiences and information. You can find some truly great things in nonfiction books, particularly if you are big into self-improvement. But when I first started reading, that’s all I did. Read.


I was reading and absorbing all of this great information on how to achieve and do all sorts of amazing things, but I was never applying what I learned to real life.


It wasn’t until I started applying the lessons I learned that I really started to improve. But here’s the thing, you can read 10 books about 10 different subjects and there is no way that you can apply every technique or principle without taking time away from another. You simply spread yourself too thin.


I think everybody should read, but I think there are a few different reasons to read. One is to keep your mind open to new information and experiences. When reading to keep your mind open, I personally think fiction is better. The reason I give so many examples when I write is because good example or story can say so much more than an explanation of the same concept. Fiction does the same thing, and good story tellers have a knack for simplifying and portraying complex aspects of human experience through their stories.


Another reason to read is for a purpose. If you want to get better at fishing, you read books to learn new techniques. If you want to get better at trading in the stock market, books are great too. If you want to learn a few ways to improve yourself, learn faster, and reach the next level in life, read Venrick & Wells. There are few subjects that don’t offer a few great resources to learn from and get yourself moving.


It’s when we read for a purpose that we have to allocate our time wisely, otherwise we spread ourselves too thin, and make very slow progress, if any at all.


When you are reading and learning for a purpose, other than keeping your mind open to new ideas through books, magazines, blog posts, and other writings, be sure to make wise decisions on what you read and apply in your life. We can’t do it all, so choose something that is relevant to your long term goals, and don’t diversify your efforts too much.


Positive Self Talk



A man of action talks to himself in a positive manner. We all have a little voice in our head, and most of us know what it’s like when it works against us.
What if they don’t like me?


What if I mess up?


What if I say the wrong thing?


What should I do with my hands?


I feel so stupid right now.


Nothing is working out for me.


Then there is the powerful voice of a man of action:


I got this.


These guys have no chance.


It doesn’t matter what I say, I’ll make it work.


It doesn’t matter what they throw at me, I’ll take down this challenge like any other challenge I dominate on a daily basis.


It doesn’t matter if I fail at this attempt. It’s only a matter of time before I succeed and nobody is going to stop me.


I don’t care if this doesn’t work right now. I’m going to keep changing and improving until I make it work and I get what I want.


This is the difference between a man of action and someone with a self defeating attitude. Do yourself a favor and say some of these affirmations out loud. Literally say them out loud. If you have a self-defeating attitude and negative self talk, saying these will get you in the habit of being positive and talking to yourself in a way that empowers you, instead of defeating yourself.


Don’t Think. Do.



Look again at the self-talk of the self-defeating person. This is the trademark of someone who over thinks and overanalyzes things way too much. The self-talk of the man of action is more like a set of principles and ideas that guide him rather than specific instructions.
Stop looking for a perfect foolproof plan on how things are going to work out. (Check out this article on keeping it loose.) It’s important to have goals and an idea of how you are going to get there. But you can’t expect it to be perfect. The perfect plan will never exist because there will always be factors that are out of your control. You are much better off winging it and just taking action without a single thought than you are trying to concoct the perfectly masterminded plan.


One approach is grounded in action, making progress, learning from mistakes, and focusing on aspects that you can control. The other approach is dependent on factors you cannot control unfolding in accordance with a plan you have in your head.


I’ll let you decide which approach is better.



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