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There are so many different ways to enjoy life more. You can set a new goal, pick up a new hobby, meet a new friend or friend group, pick up a new book, learn something new, pick up a new sport, and many others.


But this article is not about picking up something new, it’s about looking about the same old habits you repeat every day, eliminating just one, and substituting it with something that will enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of life in all areas, regardless of what you are doing.


How many hours a day do you spend on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram, netflix or video games? If you’re like most people out there, you have your phone always on you. In your pocket, never more than a layer of clothing away from your skin.


Technology has done some great things for our world. Increased connectivity, talking with old friends, staying in touch with new friends, improved business across state and country lines, and much more. The boom in technological advances even over the past 10 years has been astounding. Just think of the things you can do with your phone in 2016 that you couldn’t do in 2006. It’s amazing.


But as this little screen we carry around with us all day can do more and more, we are more and more dependent on it to manage our every day tasks. It certainly makes things more efficient. We can manage our emails, text our friends, update our calendars, buy concert tickets, go on social media, upload pictures, RSVP for events, and even scan plane tickets when we go through airport security.


And don’t get me wrong, these are all good things. It allows us to essentially automate our lives, pack things into one efficient command center that we can use to manage nearly every aspect of our lives, as well as positively influence those around us.


Some of us get too carried away with all of this. I’m certainly guilty of it. With all of the things that allow us to efficiently direct and navigate our lives, there is also an equal if not greater amount of distractions that pull us away from our purpose in life and into a virtual reality that takes away from what makes us human.


And what makes us human? Our senses.


Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. The big 5.



When we are away from our phones, ipads, and tv screens, think about all of the things we experience with our senses. Here are a few of my favorites:


  • hot showers


  • walking outside in the morning and feeling the cool grass on my feet


  • driving in my car with the windows down playing music


  • the cool and refreshing flip of my pillow in the middle of the night


  • my dog Tango pitter pattering enthusiastically on wood floors as she awaits a treat after a poop outside


  • waking up to a rainy day outside


  • secret handshake with a good buddy


  • breaking a string when I play tennis


  • cracking my knuckles


  • feeling sore the day after a grueling workout


  • making a pretty girl smile


  • cracking open a pistachio


I could literally go on for days about this stuff, and this trend of appreciating the simple things in life using my senses started when I shut down my facebook.


Do yourself a favor, and get rid of just 1 social media account, or give up video games or netflix for a month. Every time you feel the urge to go to the screen, use your senses to stay in the moment and appreciate what is around you.


This pays huge dividends in all areas of life:


  • learn to appreciate others, one of your good buddies probably has an infectious laugh, or a girl you know has beautiful long eyelashes that you never noticed before


  • learn to appreciate your craft – whatever you do most in life, whether it’s your job or your major in school, you may start to notice more things that you like or even dislike about it. Use these things you pick up to steer yourself in the right direction


  • staying in the present – instead of getting caught up in your own head and closed off to the world, you are actively open to appreciating the things that are going on around you. Just this act of staying in the present will literally open a whole new world to you.


There are so many benefits to relearning how to use your senses and appreciate the world. Most of all, I think it creates an amazing sense of gratitude and abundance. I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, and that whatever you have you will attract more of it.


So instead of filling your head with facebook posts, retweets, video game battles, and building the muscles in your fingers through texting, appreciate the things you want more of in your life that are outside of that screen.


If you want more success in dating, start appreciating women more, not just the ones you are attracted to but even your mom and your sister. If you want to make more money in life, start appreciating how other people make money and how much work it takes.


Using your senses to navigate the world instead of your thoughts may seem like a strange concept, but it ends up being much more enjoyable and intuitive. It introduces you to a state of flow and presence that will not only enhance your life, but the lives of those around you through your appreciation and gratitude.





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