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Increase Productivity: 2 Ways to Get More Out of Your Free Time




If you really want to move towards your goals as rapidly as possible, it’s important to increase productivity and use every opportunity you get to take even one step in the right direction. One way to do this is to use your free time to your advantage. This process of completely aligning with your goals may seem difficult at first, but if you try it out and stick with it for a few weeks, you may find yourself making progress at a much faster pace than you are used to, and enjoying it in the process.


Increase Productivity by Listening to Podcasts, Audiotapes, and Audio Books

Podcasts, Audiotapes, and Audio Books are some of my favorite ways to spend my free time. What makes them so valuable is their accessibility. We can download these audio files and put them on our phones or on a CD to play in our car. This allows us to listen to them on the way to the store to pick up food, in the gym while working out, and especially on long road trips where long periods of uninterrupted driving can become monotonous.


I have a few podcasts I listen to, one on concepts regarding masculinity and elevating yourself above being average, and another sharing passive income ideas and examples. One of my favorites, that I have literally been listening to for years is an audiotape program focused on concepts of personal development and achievement.


Even though podcasts and audiotape episodes or lessons can be up to 2 hours or more in length, they generally have enough substance packed in that even catching 15 minutes of time can be beneficial.


I talk a lot about using music as a tool to manage your mood and state of mind, and it is great for that. Audiotapes, podcasts, and audiobooks work in the same way, but they imprint information related to your goals on your mind, and carry you towards them more rapidly.

Spend time with people heading in the same direction as you



Another, even more powerful way to make your free time more productive is to hang out with others who have similar goals.


If you are a free diver who wants to reach 50 meters in 1 dive on 1 breath of air, hang out with other people who are working towards the same goal, or better yet, people who have surpassed it.


If you want to learn how to profitably trade in the stock market, find a group of people who are already successfully doing it.


If you want to learn to surf, find some people who are already great surfers.


The principle is very simple, but also very powerful. Even when you are not actively working towards your goals, spending time with these people will put you in contact with all of the habits, techniques, and mindsets these people use when they are away from their work.


Think of it as asking someone you admire if you can take them to lunch so you can pick their brain. But take it a step further and befriend them. Do your best to create value and bring something to the table. This can be as simple as being a friend, or it might be something more. Some people need help with their taxes, or help training their dog. Don’t be afraid to flex your strengths, but don’t try too hard. Nobody wants to be around someone who is needy for attention and approval.


That being said, finding a peer group who is aligned with your goals is one of the most powerful ways to improve yourself, even when you are not working. Simply spending time with these people in any capacity will help you in some small way.




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