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Lack of Motivation: How to Get it Back


I’ve had a pretty stressful time over the last week in regards to my work. I always try to just stick with one line of work at a time and I strongly believe in the mindset of finishing what you start before moving onto the next project. But this week I took on way too much. Along with writing these articles, I had a lot of people relying on me to create some music, record voice, brainstorm ideas, among many other things.


So I did what I normally do, and I try to do each of these one at a time, and finish a project before starting the next one. These were all reasonably small tasks to do, but it’s still stressful and it can be difficult to move on from one task to the next with ease. I did my goal setting like I usually do, but I found myself needing to get things done at certain times when I didn’t want to do them, and then I would get stressed out.


Losing your Motivation




So here is where a huge problem for me comes in, I become incredibly unmotivated to start work for my next task. I have spoken to many friends and witnessed this problem in other people as well. I would have just fully immersed myself into the music making mindset and only worked on my music for about three hours and then I would have to move on to the next task which is not music related. When transferring over to the next task (let’s say it’s writing for V&W), I don’t have writing on my mind in the slightest bit. When I start to write a new article, I don’t want to do it, I have no ideas, I have no drive to do it. It’s not a very comfortable feeling at all. Why does this happen?


Well like I said, I was fully immersed into music before having to move onto writing articles. I had no desire to write anything. This happened because my mind was in the wrong place. I was stuck in a mindset to make music, having full pictures in my head of the music playing with ideas of what I could make with it. But that doesn’t help me when I’m recording voice or trying to write a blog. So how do you get back to work and become motivated again? It’s pretty simple, you just need to get back into the mindset.


Regaining the Motivation


This can also happen when you were just left on a cliffhanger with a really good show on Netflix, or have just finished an argument with someone and are thinking about what happened. Your mind was on something entirely different and need to re-shift your focus to the task at hand. What I do in this situation is do everything that I possibly can to put myself back into the mindset of my work. To do this, you just need to… well… do it. For me, I chose a topic and started to just write articles when I became uninspired. It wasn’t very easy at first, but eventually I come around to it and start to think from different perspectives, what is important to mention to the people who read what I write and how they can get the most out of it.


Surrounding yourself With your Work




If you really want to immerse yourself in something (no matter how motivated you may or may not be), try  just using all of your senses to experience your work. With my blog posts, I read it out loud and listen to  it, look at it, draw it on paper, smell it (if only I had the ability to smell blog posts). This is why focusing on one task at a time is so important. If I am trying to read or smell a blog post and I keep getting phone calls from someone else with their great ideas, it will be a lot harder to get stuff done.


When you focus on one thing, you get to fully immerse yourself in the task, learn more from it, and also progress in it far more easily than if you were juggling multiple projects. Like I just explained, it is possible and can be easy to go back and forth with different priorities, but to truly progress and learn from your tasks, you should try to focus one thing at a time. Not all of us have the luxury of having a single focus all of the time, but we can learn to balance and switch between these tasks easier to get the most out of what we love doing.



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