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Simplify Your Life in 3 Steps

It’s tough to simplify your life. It’s easy to put a lot on your plate without thinking about it, and before long you have way too much in front of you and you don’t know where to start. Living a simplified life reflects on your mental state and your mood. If you learn to simplify your life with just a few easy steps, you will gain clarity and be more decisive in your everyday life simply because you have cut out most of the garbage that has gathered on the fringes.


1. Declutter

clean desk - simplify your life


The first step is to declutter.


How do we do this?


Take a look at your workspace, your bedroom, and your car. These are 3 places where we spend a lot of time, and are a good reflection of how we live our lives.


Are these places overflowing with junk and unnecessary things? This doesn’t mean you literally have trash in the back of your car or strewn across your desk, but maybe you have papers from work stacked 3 feet high, and a week’s worth of dirty laundry in the back of your car that you just haven’t cleaned up.


Do yourself a favor and clean all of this up. Take those books and papers on your desk and organize them. Stack the books, file the papers, pick up your laundry and put it in the hamper. Go in your room and make your bed. Take the trash out of your garbage can and go put it in the dumpster or in your garage where it can wait for waste management to pick it up.


The idea is to make things simpler, and to declutter your area. Look around at your desk, your car, and your bedroom. Where are the areas where you can’t see the floor/desk? Those are the areas to focus on. Pick the junk up and organize.


You can learn a lot about someone by looking at how well they take care of their living spaces. Messy people tend to live their lives messily. Whatever is happening on the outside is usually a reflection of what’s going on in the inside. Make a habit of decluttering and organizing yourself, and you make a habit of clear, simple, and organized thinking.


2. What is most important to you?

Startup Stock Photo


Next, what is most important to you in your life right now?


What are the things that you do everyday without fail?


Maybe it’s working out.


Maybe it’s reading.


Maybe it’s your family.


Maybe it’s giving your all at work so that you can get that promotion.


Whatever those things are, pick 4 of them. These are going to be your Starting 4.


Actually take a piece of paper and pen and write these down. If you are having trouble deciding what is most important to you because you have too many options to choose from, you are spreading yourself too thin. You can’t concentrate on too many things at a time, if you divide your time between too many pursuits you will not be investing enough in any one area to make significant progress.


This is simple, nobody said it’s going to be easy. Man up and choose 4 things that you want to focus on and take to the next level in your life.


Think about it and choose wisely, but remember it’s more important to take action than it is to overthink things and have the perfect setup. You can always change your mind later.


3. Simplify Your Life By Prioritizing



Think the guy in this picture above has put some time in at the gym? His personal fitness and weight lifting abilities are clearly a priority of his.


Do you have your big 4?


Now rank them. Take your time with this and decide what is going to be your #1.


Think about who you want to be as a person. This can be tough.


Do you want to make a ton of money?


Do you want to be physically fit?


Do you want to be well read?


Do you want great relationships with family members?


Remember, choose 4 of your own choices. And then rank them. And don’t feel bad about focusing on your mission and your purpose in life. Tap into what you feel you are meant to do with your life and be unapologetic about it.


Right now, these are my top 4:


  1. Creating massive value for others and developing relationships with them through Venrick & Wells blog posts, podcasts, emails and other upcoming content.
  2. Developing Breathing + Mental Toughness/Awareness(these 2 are tied together so I consider it okay to categorize them)
  3. Relationship skills
  4. Fitness


A lot of simplifying depends on how you frame things. For instance, I have relationship skills for #3, which includes friends and family. I just cast a wider net because I want to work on my relationship skills in all areas because I have healthy relationships with my friends and family already, with the aim of improving them all. If you have family problems, or not too many friends, you may want to choose one or the other. It really depends on what is important to you and what specific areas in your life you feel need improvement and focus.


Also, for #1 I cast a wide net, and that is because I spend most of my week doing all of these things, trying to create value and build relationships with you, the reader, so Wells and I can better serve you and help you accomplish your goals.


Don’t be afraid to experiment, change the ranking system around and, if you must, add or subtract items from the list. No it doesn’t have to be 4 items. If you are reading this article then you are old enough and mature enough to make your decisions and make your own mistakes. I understand that you and I may have more or less items that are important to us than the other.


But the idea is to keep it simple. I suggest keeping it under 6-7 items, otherwise you are just going to have trouble remembering them. Ideally, you want to have something that you can remember and reference on a daily basis when you are feeling stuck or disoriented. This short list serves as a compass for you to make decisions and decide what is important in the moment.




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