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V&W Podcast


Easily our top resource, simply because it is so versatile. Our podcasts feature us, Venrick & Wells, talking about topics related to the winning lifestyle. Our podcasts not only deliver massive value, but are also accessible via your phone, iPad, and computer, allowing you to tune in at work, in your car, at the gym, or wherever you may be.


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The V&W Blog is where we discuss the winning lifestyle even more. We go in depth into a lot of topics, providing step-by-step tutorials, revealing skills you can use right away to succeed and win, and we give away free worksheets, checklists, and other content that you can print out and take with you wherever you go to anchor yourself to the winning lifestyle.


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Where to Start – Our Personal Recommendations


If you are looking for some of our best content to start out with, look no further.





  • How Reinforcement Controls Your Life If you want to know how to motivate yourself and immediately shape new behaviors and habits using simple conditioning techniques, check out this article and get started.


  • 4 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut Feeling Stuck? If you feel like you are in a rut, this article will walk you through some practical steps you can take to break out of bad/complacent habits and emotions and start achieving your goals.





  • Endlessly Combining Ideas to Progress the World – Everything in the world can influence you. Whether it’s from school, experiences, or people we all are constantly learning without even knowing it. Check out this article to get a different perspective on a way that we all together can make the world better.




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