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The Importance of your Business Presentation

The Importance of your Business Presentation


As many of you may know, I make music and sound effects for a living for video games, films, and other venues. I felt pretty confident in my abilities pretty early on and have actually worked on some high standard projects which helped me learn a lot about the business. Now I know that I made some high quality music, but it wasn’t until I remade my website that I realized that my image was just as important. The rest of this article will be me sharing the results and difference in having a new website.


My First Website



My first website was great. It had sound design demos, music playlists, testimonials, quotes from reviews on my albums, and featured some excellent award winning films which I had the pleasure of making sounds and music for. The whole layout and artistic quality to it didn’t exactly stand out though. I had a lot of text explaining who I was and what I was about. What I didn’t realize was how important that first impression was.


And the New Website

The results from my new website were incredible. Google analytics showed me that people were actually exploring the website rather than leaving. The amount of time people spent on my website increased, I received far more emails, and people were offering me more work. All of this never happened on my old website.


My new website has hardly any text at all and no testimonials, quotes, nor does it feature a single video I made sounds for other than my demos. I didn’t need any testimonials or quotes because the professional look and feel to the website spoke for that.


I have four pages on my new website with only one or two sentences per page because the image and look speaks far deeper than my text can. The majority of people who see a huge wall of text on the first page will just click away, but if you have a professional looking website with an easy visualization to see  what you have to offer (my demos are an example) then those people will be more likely to stick around  since they understand what you have to offer better.


Your Business Image in Conclusion






The differences that came from my new website can be applied to a company logo, business presentation, email design, and even people who you work with. Doing your research and getting the right people to help make sure you have a professional and cohesive image is all so important. Especially in the early stages of your business, most people are going to give an attractive image with a bad product a shot over a great product with a bad image. You may have the best product in the world, but having the best presentation to match is just as important.



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