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Why You Shouldn’t Do it All by Yourself

I’ve said this before, but I become incredibly inspired by everything I see and experience. When I say I want to do and learn everything, I mean it. I want to make albums, tour the world, write books, create video games, make movies… You name it, I want it (yes, even monkey cowboy rodeo).


I Tried to do it All By Myself



So while in this mindset a few years ago, I did what any 19 year old college student would do and I tried to be a jack of all trades and try to learn every skill possible, or at least planned to do so. I started to draw and animate, and I even met up with some guys to do art for a game. Then naturally, because I was a jack of all trades, I decided to drop that project and make a game all on my own and start learning some programming. Thank GOD I already knew how to make music and sounds or else I would have been screwed… as if I weren’t already.


I Realized I Can’t do it All


Obviously, I didn’t finish that game. I got nowhere even close to finishing it. I don’t think I made any solid animations or programmed a single bug-free function of a video game. I touch on this in my Why you Shouldn’t Follow False Paths article, but I wasn’t able to learn all of those different things at the same time, and there was no way I had enough time in my life to make that game AND THEN do all of the film-making and book writing that I planned on doing. What I needed was some help.


Creating your Ideas Faster Than Ever




Getting help from others is smart because you get to accomplish all of those things that you plan to do in the future. Obviously you should only do them one at a time, but you will be finishing them far faster and more efficiently than before as well as create some great relationships with people. In addition to finishing more of your ideas, you also get the help and input from other people who also have ideas! Sometimes you put two peoples ideas together and you create something amazing (A good example that comes to mind are the creators of South Park; Trey Parker and Matt Stone).


So you could be a jack of all trades and have the achievement of doing something all on your own over the span of 5 years. Or you could create one of your ideas with the help of a few people in 1-2 years and most likely create a better product. The choice is yours.



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