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Why you Shouldn’t Follow False Paths

When I was in college, I was incredibly inspired by everything I watched and experienced. I would attend concerts, watch TV shows, read books, play video games and become incredibly fascinated in the creation process and think to myself, “I could do this easily”. And honestly, I was probably right. I COULD do it, and all of you who have been in this situation could do it too. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do all of these things, and it’s awesome to be driven and motivated to experience and learn new skills. It’s a great feeling to think about being the jack of all trades and achieve any task that comes your way.




The Fact to Face


However, there is one unfortunate reality to face with this, and that is the false path. False paths are those ideas and things you feel inspired and motivated to do, but most likely won’t ever happen. They are great to think about, but no one in the world has enough time to do every single thing that they feel inspired by. If you are some sort of mutant human morphing creature from the center of the earth who has a long enough life-expectancy to achieve everything they feel inspired by then go for it, but for the rest of us mortals, we can’t live long enough to do everything.


Life is too Short


I truly believe that I can learn cinematography, programming, digital art, the broadcast television business, animation, and playing live shows in my lifetime. But that is in my ENTIRE lifetime. I know I could do it, but I also know I would most likely only become successful in two or three of these things in a 30 year span. It would take way too long for me to be able to learn all of the things that I want to do. I or anyone for that matter would most likely not even become good at those things. It takes a lot of time. And even if you did try to learn everything, you want to be able to enjoy your life. There are so many things to experience in life, and again, so little time. It’s not always about learning and making your skillset more versatile.


I have another hard fact to bring to the table. Let’s say you do get to learn every skill that you desire andyou are only 20-30 years old. Imagine how many projects you’ll be able to complete on your own in your life! But remember now, you have to do all of those things on your own. The fact that you have to do those things in itself isn’t so bad, I would personally look forward to it. 


Try to Do as Much as you Can


The real kicker is that you won’t have time to complete any of your ideas. You unfortunately can’t do everything yourself. You will have just taken a 10th of your life to finish one of your ideas while your friend Jason did the right thing and hired a bunch of talented people who are masters in a specific skill to help cut down the workload while finishing 10 times the number of ideas that you were able to finish. Your good pal Jason also probably learned 10 times more than you did from those projects from all of that experience. And that would really suck.


Learn as much as Possible




My personal recommendation is to try your hand in many different skills, but treat them as a hobby. I have experience with programming, art, and cinematography, but I’m in no way a master at any of them. I always keep music as my main focus, but I try to dedicate time to a new hobby that I enjoy, whether it’s photography, mountain climbing, or shark wrestling. At some point in the future I’ll be able to start different businesses in these skills, but I’ll hire other people when I have the money to do so, and therefore, allow myself more time.


In addition to this, learning other skills can give you fresh ideas and new perspectives to your work. When I started programming, art, and cinematography (obviously not all at the same time), I had tons of new ideas in my head for new businesses. Again, ideas in itself is a false path as I probably won’t do them all, but the potential for them is always great to have!


Make the Most out of Life


In the meantime, my plan is to continue making music and make enough money to do what I want. I know I won’t get to do everything, but I can still progress as much as I can. Stick to one path, and just explore a little bit into the sideroads. You’ll be a lot happier and successful in the long run.



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